Publisher and developer Bandai Namco today announced that JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R, the stylistic anime-based fighting game with a massive and memorable roster of characters, is now available. You can check out the game’s launch trailer above.

JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R immerses players in an authentic video game adaptation of the popular anime series. The game stays true to creator Hirohiko Araki’s captivating art style with faithfully recreated character expressions, “Stand” special move cut-scenes, and intense battles delivered with stunningly vibrant detail. The original Japanese VO (Voice Over) actors complete the immersion by delivering their signature catchphrases along with the series’ unforgettable dialogue.

JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R brings together a massive roster of 50 characters from every story arc in the JoJo’s franchise anime series. It also introduces a completely modernized version of the fight system from the original game, upping the tempo with hit stops, dash jumps, intricate new combos, and an all-new “Assist” battle system. In the game, players can experience popular battles from each story and see heroes from different universes interact for the first time, playing as Jonathan Joestar, DIO, Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne Cujoh, daughter of Jotaro and the first-ever female JoJo in the series, and many more.

At launch, JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R will feature six exciting game modes:

All-Star Battle Mode – In All-Star Battle Mode, you can complete battles with various setups, including reliving classic JoJo bouts and playing through “What-If” fights between different characters, and earn rewards along the way.

Arcade Mode – Battle computer-controlled opponents in eight consecutive battles in Challenge Battle or fight until your health runs out in Endless Battle.

Versus Mode – Battle your friends or the CPU in Single Battle, Team Battle (3v3), or against eight opponents in Tournament Battle.

Online Mode – Battle against friends or foes from around the world in online matches.

Practice Mode – Sharpen your skills in Practice Mode.

Customize Mode – Use Customize Medals earned in-game to modify character Victory Poses and Taunts.

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