R-Type Final 2 has gotten yet another big update, and it adds in a fresh wave of content to enjoy. You can see what’s included in this update in the patch notes below.

Stage Pass Volume 3 + DLC Set 7

  • DLC Set 7 includes 2 Homage stages
  • Stage Z1.0 - On a Shining Green Planet
  • Stage Z2.0 - Deep Sea Ruins
  • More difficulty settings

R-Type Final 2.5 Update Summary

  • Stage 5.1 & Stage R1.0
  • More ships available + 1 Kickstarter Backer exclusive
  • More difficulty settings
  • More customization with Pilot & War Record
  • Customize R’s Museum background
  • More color options for player ships (excluding Bydo)
  • New gallery images added + requirements
  • Album storage doubled
  • Additional customization for decals
  • Bonus resources and R-points granted dependent on pilot’s costume
  • R-Type Final 2.5 title screen added
  • and more!

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