IGN shares a fresh look at River City Girls 2

The girls are back in town

03 September 2022
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This has been a good week for those who’re looking forward to River City Girls 2, as WayForward not only showed off a new trailer featuring boss reveals, but also confirmed that 4-player co-op is going to be included as well. If that wasn’t enough, yet another video for the game has popped up with another round of gameplay and more.

IGN managed to go hands-on with the first level in River City Girls 2, and they’ve shared gameplay from the experience along with impressions of how things are coming together. There’s nothing too spoiler-worthy in the video above, so feel free to jump in and check it out.

In River City Girls 2, crime lord Sabu breaks out of prison to avenge his daughter Sabuko’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Misako and Kyoko in the first River City Girls. He immediately seizes control of River City and makes life miserable for the heroines, kicking them out of school and turning the town into a lawless battlezone. Sabu’s efforts to restore his family name are aided by his snarky adopted son Ken (previously seen in River City Girls Zero) and an army of underworld hoodlums led by tech expert Tsuiko, strength-enhancing chef Primo, and magic-wielding witch Blaire. Sabu’s dominance is all but assured—will Misako, Kyoko, and their allies be able to fight back? More importantly, will they be able to travel across town to buy the latest hit video game?

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