You might not think of it, but fashion is a big part of the NBA 2K franchise. The same goes for NBA 2K23, and fans have been eager to see what’s lined up for this installment. While we haven’t gotten a look at actual clothing items, we now know the brands that’ll be represented thanks to an infographic.

The picture above reveals what looks to be all the different brands you’ll be able to wear on your person in NBA 2K23. There are plenty that make sense, like Crocs and Converse, but there are some others that confuse me a bit. I see State Farm in there, which I guess is going to be a clothing sponsor, rather than an actual brand?

Either way, we’ll get to see all the different apparel up for grabs when NBA 2K23 launches Sept. 9th, 2022.

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Alternate line should be about drip. 😂