Earlier today, Did You Know Gaming released a video that goes into great detail covering Retro Studios’ Zelda spin-off for Wii that never saw the light of day. That project followed the last male Sheikah, as well as Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately, that project got scrapped and never saw release.

In the Did You Know Gaming feature, we learn of another Legend of Zelda game that Retro Studios pitched to Nintendo, but that one never even had the chance to to get off the ground.

This second Zelda idea features three different heroes that lived 100 years in this past. The lineup of heroes was a Zora, Rito and Goron, and the three gathered in order to set out and save Link. Believe it or not, Link ended up getting captured when he set out to save Zelda from Ganon. Somehow, 100 years after this ordeal after Link is rescued, he ends up being an antiques shop owner.

Sadly, it seems Retro Studios was 0-2 when it came to their Zelda spin-off ideas. It certainly would have been interesting to see one of these games actually release, but at least we have some insight into what almost happened.

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1+ y ago

I don’t know how I feel about this pitch. The Shiekah game might have been the better of the two


1+ y ago

Can't wait until we find out about a cancelled Puyo Puyo Zelda game from Retro.


1+ y ago

Actually, I remember hearing rumors about a Sheikah game- this was shortly after the Wii's release and there were also rumors about a Kid Icarus reboot (developed by either Factor 5 or Retro). Guess there was some truth to those tales after all.


1+ y ago

DYKG is such an amazing channel and this is one of their best videos to date. Wild, wow. Crazy to get this sort of look in to Retro, starts to provide insight in to how it seems like they went so many years without any news or a major release. They are prototyping often, pitching less often, also partly a support studio, and also subject to the same sort of turnover rates and corporate hierarchy bullshovel and frustrations as any other dev. Even if they have been and continue to be stacked with brilliant creatives, a side team placed under bad management is going to get stuck with a turd. Stubborn people in power committed to a misguided and doomed Wii-era experiment. Daddy Nintendo (for all their faults) ensures this shovel doesn’t get out and takes the monetary L. Definitely happens far more often than most know. Can’t wait for that follow up video about Heroes of Hyrule.