Monster Hunter Rise is certainly one of the more technically-impressive games on Switch, and that’s thanks to the hard work Capcom put into the project. It was no easy task getting the game to where it is now, and Capcom has elaborated on the development challenge in a new interview.

Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose spoke to Nintendo Dream magazine about getting Monster Hunter Rise up-and-running in the early days, and the initial tests led to some very lackluster results. Thankfully, the team wasn’t deterred by the early results, and they kept toiling away to arrive at a project they were proud of.

…we tested what we could to see what kinds of processing speed we could achieve. Rampage mode in particular is one of the game’s selling points, which has a lot of monsters appearing at the same time. We did a number of experiments to see just how many we could get to appear on screen at once. We also spent a lot of time and had a variety of unique shaders made to see how beautifully we could make things look on the Switch.

Prior to our testing, the frame rate couldn’t break 10 FPS, and motion was very sluggish. We continued to test and improve it until the very end, where we were able to achieve 30 FPS. We also had some members of the technical team who were working on the game engine within the company provide support, and they gave us some ideas and solutions.

[Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose]

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