Welcome to the world of robots inspired by the sweet darkness of Grim Fandango and the ambiance of Machinarium.

Ultreïa is an adventure game in which you will go on a journey into the unknown in search of what is important in life. This cute yet dark game will be released on Nintendo Switch this Friday, March 25, thanks to RedDeer.games. The enormous void in the robot’s small steel heart, caused by a great loss, forces him on a journey into a completely unknown, wild world.


As a little pilgrim-wanderer, you will travel through the mysterious, dark world, getting to know its not always friendly, diverse inhabitants.

But be careful, in the caves deep underground, in the shadow deep as the darkest night, huge, mystical monsters hide and live.


During your adventure, you will find yourself in the phantasmagoric robot city of Mount St-Troy, where the senses operate according to completely different principles. And this experience will change your perception of the world.

Remember! Each robot is different, has its own personality and a different language, so you need to find the right way to communicate with it.


As a little traveler on his own, you will have to use all your logical thinking to solve numerous puzzles, find items and use them to create new ones necessary for the further journey.


  • Beautiful story about the meaning of life and death
  • Puzzles and inventory to crafting
  • Different ways of dialogue and unique language for different robots
  • Unique art and sound design inspired by the sweet darkness of Grim Fandango and the ambiance of Machinarium
  • About 4 - 5 hours to complete the game
  • More than 50 locations to discover and explore with over 1000 lines of dialogue
  • Original soundtrack by Yann Latour

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