SuperGroupies reveals official Touhou Project merch

Watches and bags up for grabs

05 September 2022
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SuperGroupies is a fashion brand that offers products inspired by anime and games, and they’ve just revealed their latest round of goodies. Those who are fans of the Touhou Project franchise now have some fancy merch to pine about!

The company has revealed a 6-item lineup of watches, backpacks, and wallets inspired by the vampire sisters Remilia Scarlet, the Eternally Young Scarlet Moon, and Flandre Scarlet, the Devil’s Sister. Each item comes with a bonus of a Remilia or Flandre A5-sized clear file.

You can get a complete breakdown of each item below.

■ Remilia Scarlet Model Watch

This black watch with red accents is inspired by Remilia Scarlet, the Eternally Young Scarlet Moon. The Sun & Moon display function features the Scarlet Devil Mansion and a gloomy view of the moon. Remilia’s music theme “Septette for the Dead Princess” is inscribed above 6 o’clock. The case back is etched with an exclusive design including her wings, her weapon Spear The Gungnir, and more!

■ Flandre Scarlet Model Backpack & Long Wallet

These black items with colorful accents are inspired by Flandre Scarlet, the Devil’s Sister.

Both backpack and long wallet have multicolored zippers as a reference to her wings, while the red accents are reminiscent of her vampire nature. They share a SuperGroupies original lining design with stripes in a color scheme based on her hair and outfit and her name decorated with one wing.

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