Colt Canyon has been updated to Version You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • Added run setting to disable permadeath, by allowing to restore the last save instead of deleting the savegame on death
  • No longer allowing 50% boss health, enemy attention nor 150% health drops without disabling achievements, but you can disable permadeath without disabling achievements now
  • Tweaked some UI elements
  • Decreased movement bonus enemies get in loops
  • Reduced amount of elite enemies in loops
  • Increased coyote base damage
  • Decreased reload times / cooldown times of a bunch of guns
  • Increased damage of explosive weapons
  • Slightly decreased accuracy, shield damage, active reload period and penetration power of arrow weapons
  • 20% of all arrows previously reusable with Premium Arrows upgrade will no longer be reusable
  • Decreased bonus damage of Premium Arrows upgrade and no longer granting bonus damage to throwables
  • Reduced amount of weapon crates in loops, but slightly increased regular crate amount
  • Fixed instance references not being restored correctly
  • This fixes a bunch of savegame issues, for example prisoners not being in their coffins or horses not being tied to poles
  • Fixed movement history not being part of savegames
  • Fixed weapons in crates not being loaded from savegame
  • Fixed some sprite placement issues on the game over screen
  • Fixed enemies being duplicated when following to different level
  • Fixed issues where a loaded level is treated as a different level while still loading, causing stuff like green locked crates showing up in area one
  • Fixed companion weapon ammo duplication glitch
  • Fixed upgrade titles glitching into each other in pause menu
  • Fixed some issues with scrolling menus
  • Fixed menu background blur not being used on some systems
  • Fixed decals sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed crash when killing merchants

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