Mario Kart Tour nears $300 million in revenue

Mario's modest money-maker

05 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Just last week, Nintendo announced that they’ll be removing will drop the ‘gacha’ mechanic of Mario Kart Tour. In the near future, players will no longer be able to spend virtual currency on pipes to earn randomized rewards. This is a move that’s making fans the world over quite happy, but there’s no doubt this decision will impact Nintendo’s bottom line.

According to the latest report from Sensor Tower, Mario Kart Tour has pulled in roughly $293 million for Nintendo. This revenue comes from the gacha mechanic mentioned above, as well as monthly subscriptions to the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass will remain an option for players to purchase.

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s second highest-grossing mobile game, with Fire Emblem Heroes being #1. Fire Emblem Heroes has been considerably more successful for Nintendo, pulling in over $1 billion in revenue.

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