A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism is about to get a considerable expansion through a new round of paid DLC, which is arriving in Japan on November 3rd, 2022. The DLC is priced at 2,728 yen (around $20), and it expands on the tourism development options.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included in the upcoming DLC:

  • A total of 33 additional real-life Japanese tourist trains and bullet trains.
  • Eight additional types of buildings, including museums and art galleries.
  • The ability to place statues and objects out the front of the station, as well as place tourist attraction signs along roads.
  • As the population increases, things such as food stalls and billboards will appear in town, giving it a livelier feeling.
  • You can create a railway museum and put up to 20 of your favorite trains on display.
  • It will be possible to limit online sharing to “Trains only” and “Terrain only”.
  • A new function that allows you to create terrain templates.
  • A photo mode where it will be possible to change the camera and lighting, adjust filters, decorate photos with stamps and frames, and more.

In order to entice new customers, a special Guidebook Pack will see release as well. This includes the base game, DLC, and a 200-page guidebook, for 10,406 yen (around $77).

Finally, on Oct. 14th, 2022 (Railway Day in Japan), A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism will get a free update to fix bugs, and add in buildings and items.

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