SMITE fans have a lot to enjoy today, as three different events have gone live. Players can log in right now and enjoy the Heavenly Light major event, the Chibi Bots Battle Pass, plus a Birthday Celebration event. Even better, each event has free rewards to unlock. You can get details on each event below.

Heavenly Light event

  • dozens of purchasable skins
  • quest lines
  • your reward is the shapeshifting Queen of Cards Izanami skin

Battle Pass: Chibi Bots

  • four Chibi Bots skins can be unlocked
  • free Intruder Bot skin for Cupid
  • three robotic stars: Beaky Bot, Freezy Bot, and Doom Bot

Birthday celebration event

  • all birthday gifts go to the community as a token of gratitude
  • new Husky Handler skin for Skadi
  • Boosters
  • Gems
  • player-made cosmetics
  • global emote showcasing Khepri’s giving out free hugs
  • global emote showcasing Candy Shop Achilles coming out of a giant birthday cake

**New Settings **

  • playing with friends or for community events and tournaments, everyone can now use the exact same conditions as the World Championship
  • you can also go with whatever settings you’d like
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