Millions of Nintendo fans are extremely hungry for some fresh details on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild II. Rumors are flying around recently concerning a potential Nintendo Direct that will share an update on the game, but today brings us a Nintendo patent that seems to showcase a camera system Nintendo is working on for the sequel.

The patent goes into great detail on a camera and aiming setup for a character that can shoot arrows at enemies and targets. That character also happens to have a glider that they can ride through the sky, and they’re also able to dive through the clouds and aim at enemies along the way. While the patent itself doesn’t mention The Legend of Zelda in any way, shape or form, it seems pretty safe to say the document pertains to mechanics in Breath of the Wild II.

In detail, the patent goes over dynamic camera movement and control when a player is gliding through the air or diving towards the ground. Obviously, Link will be aiming all over the place while he’s barreling towards the ground, and this camera setup aims to make the experience as smooth as possible, and keep things from getting disorienting. Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but important for what seems to be a major mechanic in Breath of the Wild II.

If you want to dig through the patent to see all the images and parse the many walls of text, you can find it here.

Thanks to Paul Gale for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

“While the patent itself doesn’t mention The Legend of Zelda in any way, shape or form”

The patent does mention Breath of the Wild in the Publications references.


1+ y ago

Anyone else sick and tired of this? And I'm not talking about the story, you know what I mean?

I hope this camera system is intuitive and natural. I'm sure it will be, there's no way Nintendo would risk something divisive like in Star Fox Zero.


1+ y ago

This is really cool. It suggests that the airborne mechanics in this game are going to be far more integral and complex than we previously knew about. It won’t be merely “BoTW with floating islands”. This is the best news I’ve heard about this game yet, especially since Big N has been characteristically tight-lipped about this one during its entire development.


1+ y ago

It’s happening! The timings surrounding these filings are massive indicators of new footage coming, footage that will feature this dynamic camera in action. I would hesitate to say it’s not ground breaking though. We’ve yet to experience it, but designing an intuitive system for controlling free fall and performing actions during free fall while also dynamically making camera adjustments and allowing for camera control doesn’t sound like anything from any other game I’ve ever played. Exciting times!


1+ y ago

When Nintendo shows off the new trailer and Link is flying through the air, firing arrows off in every's going to be a thing of beauty!

The patent was filed in May 2021. It’s just that it has been approved and granted now. I hope we see new footage soon but the timing of the patent would be coincidental. And remember, a patent filed doesn’t mean it’s contents are actually implemented.

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cheesus 2

1+ y ago

Wasn't there also a patent for a Rewind/Time Travel mechanic? I'd like to see what that's about


1+ y ago


Well I mostly brought it up because the other patents filed that are related to this one were also in 2021, just before they released the second trailer at e3, and sections of those patents were approved and made public that same December. All three gameplay mechanics detailed in those filings were featured and depicted in the 2021 trailer in some form (phasing upward through environments/architecture, free falling mechanics, and the targeted momentum reversal while time/motion continues normally for all other objects). Dots connected :)