Rebel Transmute is an action-adventure game with vast interconnected areas, interweaving story lines, a slew of game changing abilities, and engaging combat. It’s a world full of unique enemies and friends, with unique ways of interacting with them (both through story and gameplay).

The Kickstarter for Rebel Transmute has a rather modest goal, as just $17k is needed for base funding. That said, the Switch version of the game isn’t included in the base funding level. In order to bring this one to Switch, backers will have to reach the $24k mark, which doesn’t seem out of question at all.

If you want to learn more about Rebel Transmute before pledging some cash or you’re ready to donate now, you can find the Kickstarter here.

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1+ y ago

Look great. Anything inspired by classic Metroid gets my attention. Even $24k for a Switch version isn't a long stretch, it'll probably happen.


1+ y ago

There's a lot of "Metroid" in that metroidvania... but I don't think I mind. The pixel art is cute and it looks like a deep and involving game. Especially having been made by one person. I'll keep my eye on it.