After a very long and winding road, Temtem has finally made its way to Switch. It took quite some time to get Version 1.0 ready for Switch, along with a ton of hard word from the dev team. Some might think all the extra work and headaches wouldn’t be worth the effort, but Temtem’s team begs to differ.

In an interview with Shacknews, Temtem Game Director, Guillermo Andrades, spoke about why it was so important to the team to bring Temtem to Switch, even when there’s going to be some direct competition between their game and the Pokémon brand.

While Temtem can be a very hardcore experience, it is also a very chill game that is very much enjoyable in the comfort of your bed or sofa. Even from the very beginning of the development cycle, when talking about Temtem internally, a huge part of the team was excited to be able to play it on the Switch.

We believe that Temtem and Pokemon should get to coexist peacefully and each have their own space and identity, so it was only natural for us to understand that if players were comfortable playing Pokemon on the Switch, we could offer them that same possibility for Temtem.

[Temtem Game Director, Guillermo Andrades]

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