If you have trouble in a game nowadays and get stuck on a puzzle, you can just hop online and search out an answer from various forums and websites. All you have to do is pull out your mobile device/tablet and do a bit of online searching to get your answer. The devs behind Return to Monkey Island are very well aware of that, but they think they can do one better.

Return to Monkey Island includes a hint book that players can pick up early, and it will give you tailor-made clues as to where to go next/what to do based on everything you’ve already done. In other words, the hint book keeps track of your progress and guides you specifically to what should be next. It’s certainly a more personal approach, and now you can get a tip on your next step without stepping away from the game.

Of course, some players would rather hop online anyway to get a step-by-step list of what needs to be tackled, but for those who want to retain some of the personal satisfaction of solving a puzzle with just a gentle nudge, the hint book is there for you.

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