You’ve seen plenty of gameplay footage and reviews for Splatoon 3 earlier today, but I’m sure those interested in the tech side of things would like a little bit more. That’s where the Digital Foundry guys come in, as they’re always ready to dig into the specs and tech powering a game.

In their latest video, the team dives deep into the ink to see what makes Splatoon 3 tick. Of course, that includes some breakdowns of how the game runs when it comes to resolution and framerate. Here’s what Digital Foundry discovered while playing.

  • docked play tops out at native 1080p using dynamic resolution scaling
  • lowest resolution in docked mode is 820p
  • portable mode tops out at 720p with DRS
  • lowest resolution in portable mode is 540p or so
  • resolution manages to reach its maximum pixel count more often than you’d expect
  • FSR 1.0 is listed within the license section on the Switch menu
  • FSR 1.0 is a spatial upscaler
  • no anti-ailising
  • stable 60 FPS gameplay in both docked and handheld
  • 30 FPS in the hub area

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1+ y ago

Nice. The 60fps will look great and smooth.