Story, character, and gameplay details shared for Penny Blood

Get ready to be your own worst enemy

07 September 2022
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The fundraising for Penny Blood has been going extremely well, with the Kickstarter’s base funding being hit without issue, and the follow-up console stretch goal getting knocked out 24 hours later. That means we know for sure that Penny Blood is heading our way, so why not take a deeper dive into the game while we wait?

A fresh round of details on Penny Blood have been shared via a new Famitsu feature, and you can read the specifics of the feature in bullet point form below.

  • Penny Blood will be a dark and tragic gothic horror JRPG set in the 1920s
  • Penny Blood takes place in the 1920s because Shadow Hearts skipped over it
  • there will be comedic elements to the story
  • the plot follows Matthew Farrell, a private detective
  • during an investigation at a New York mental hospital, Matthew encounters monsters
  • Matthew uses his hidden powers to defeat the monsters
  • Matthew is an Irish-American veteran from World War I that can turn into a monster
  • Matthew travels from America to Asia to Europe to solve a case
  • locations you’ll visit include North Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow) and Asakusa
  • Emilia human/cyborg member of the British secret intelligence
  • Emilia visited Japan as a bodyguard for the American ambassador
  • Emilia may be the most powerful party member in terms of battles
  • Suseri Otsuki is a Japanese teenager who is also a “miko strategist” for Kamuzumi
  • Kamuzumi is a Japanese organization for defeating monsters
  • Suseri joins Matthew and Emilia after they save her in Japan
  • Suseri uses holy mirrors in battle and is a quiet “yamato nadeshiko” type
  • Matthew’s Fusion ability is called Psycho Sigil
  • Matthew starts with Demna, the Crownless Knight, a Fusion monster with no element
  • Demna is a manifestation of the emptiness and loneliness in Matthew’s heart
  • Demna is a balanced Fusion monster, and can fight well in any situation
  • Demna will gain more powers as the story advances
  • the battle system will be turn-based
  • every movement you make will require you to skill check with the Psycho Sigil
  • each character’s Psycho Sigil looks different
  • Matthew’s looks like a knight’s emblem, while Emilia’s looks like a mechanic heart
  • a light will travel from one end of the Sigil to the other, passing blue circles on the route - whenever the light travels through a blue circle, the player has to press a button
  • doing so with the right timing can destroy small monsters instantly
  • you will encounter the Sigil Spirit to unlock more circles later in the game
  • the game will let you line up your characters together and create combo moves
  • there will be unique actions only available in a combination attack
  • the conditions for a combo attack depends on the characters’ conditions and affinities
  • these combo attacks also require player input
  • characters will attack simultaneously
  • the Motofuji is a monster that used to be a patient from the mental hospital
  • the patient transformed into Motofuji when exposed to Malice
  • Malice is essentially negative emotions
  • Maliferous Patients are also patients infected with Malice
  • Atam is a monster living in Matthew’s subconscious

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