With the Armed Fantasia Kickstarter being a huge success right out of the gate, we can all rest easy knowing that the game will head our way at some point. While we try to remain patient for the game’s launch, Wild Bunch Productions shared a lot more info on the game.

New details on characters, settings and more have been revealed, and we’ve collected the tidbits in bullet point form below.

  • the role change system will allow you to equip all sorts of ARMs
  • this will add more options for how to organize your party
  • this also allows you to put characters in outfits they would normally not have access to
  • there is a gadget system for exploring dungeons
  • each character will offer a new gadget for the player to use
  • Protagonist Ingram will use bombs, which will explode after a set period of time
  • bombs let you destroy walls with cracks in them, as well as break boulders
  • breaking boulders can create a platform to jump on to reach higher places
  • Ingram can set multiple bombs at once, which will cause a bigger explosion
  • the dev team is also working on a hookshot-type gadget
  • there will be mounts you can use on land, in the air, and on the water
  • there will be bounty hunts you can partake in,
  • expect set pieces, such as one where you’re chasing after a shadow in the water with a boat

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