Developer Spoonman Games and Publisher HypeTrain Digital have announced that they’re bringing the retro platformer Linked Mask to the Switch sometime in Q1 2023. You can see the debut trailer for Linked Mask above.

On the ruins of a great wasteland, 6 Towers were built. Towers are home to each deity - and to those who worship them. Deities are known as interpreters. They are public figures that project themselves through music and dancing. Their personalities are what define how the inhabitants of this land live and act. Each fate, each voice, each dream is tied to the towers, their deities - and the masks.

Obtain them all and free the world by navigating through a set of increasingly-difficult twists and turns in Linked Mask - a captivating call-back to the golden days of the Game Boy era.

Linked Mask’s artstyle is designed as a throwback to handheld games of the early 90’s, mixed with a uniquely modern presentation and a chillingly cool soundtrack that’ll make your head bop as you traverse the deadly Towers.

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