Those who’ve played A Plague Tale: Requiem know that for the vast majority of the game, Amicia is the protector and Hugo is the one you protect. Hugo is only 5 in A Plague Tale: Requiem, so there’s not much he can do to defend himself, or help out during fights. Without getting into too deep of spoiler territory, this changes up towards the very end of the game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is going to continue on with these late-game moments from the first outing. Hugo has grown in age, but more importantly, abilities as well. Now Hugo will be able to do a lot more to defend himself.

For the second time out, Hugo will have a wider range of powers to utilize. His abilities will let him see where other humans are hiding in the environment, giving you a huge leg up if you’re planning a stealthy route through the game. Along with that, Hugo also has an ability to take control of another entity to send it out on his behalf, but he can only do this for a short amount of time.

As for Amicia, she’ll be in a role similar to Hugo’s from the first game. Amicia has grown sick since the first game, due to a gaping head wound. That said, she hasn’t lost all her skills from the first game, so she can shank guards when their backs are turned, drop pots on enemies, and has a variety of tools to aid her.

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