The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collectors Edition has been a bit of a mess, as players around the world have gotten their games, but the extra goodies inside the box have been delayed. Nintendo was good about letting players know the extra content wouldn’t be shipped until later, but the situation was still a bummer. Thankfully, our friends in Australia will soon see the saga come to an end.

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collectors Edition contents will ship out sometime by the end of September 2022. That’s fantastic news, as Nintendo Australia originally gave a vague ‘2022’ release for the items.

Those who’ve ordered the Collectors Edition can look forward to these items showing up by the end of the month.

  • Package artwork from Masatsugu Saito
  • Softcover concept art book with over 250 pages
  • SteelBook® case

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2y ago

Meanwhile in europe we can't even order (or preorder?) the CE.