As was shared previously, Nintendo is expanding and improving how you can interact with friends in Splatoon 3. Right at launch, it will be considerably easier to join a friend in a game, and notify them when you’re playing. Here’s what will be offered in Splatoon 3 from day one.

  • if your friend starts a match, a notification will be sent over
  • once received, notifications become available in players’ in-game notification list
  • ghosts of your friends show up in the lobby
  • players are able to check the notification by talking to these ghosts as well
  • players can also drop in to the battle from the notification that lets them know the battle has started

Nintendo isn’t stopping there, though. Splatoon 3’s team has confirmed that they’ll be adding a function that allows players to send notifications to others outside of their friends by entering keywords. For example, if you round up other players using a specific keyword on social media, etc., it will be possible to receive notifications from players who saw the post and entered the same keyword.

Finally, there are also status report functions like “Level up!” or “Rank up!” I think these can be used to create a more casual connection between players.

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