It’s always fascinating when new secrets are discovered in games that seem to have been scrubbed from top to bottom. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a much loved game with a dedicated competitive scene even 20+ years later, and yet new secrets are still being discovered in this GameCube classic.

@Vancity_Primal on Twitter has revealed that on the Yoshi’s Story stage a secret texture of a strawberry can be found hidden behind one of the stage’s trees. This was discovered in their “Clean Stages” mod pack by another Twitter user, @tiebex_.

The “Clean Stages” mod strips details from Melee’s competitive stages, allowing players the cleanest version of the stages to battle on. Activating this mod in the Yoshi’s Story stage removes the foremost tree, thus revealing the secret berry.

If you’re up on your Smash Bros. Trivia this might sound familiar as there is another hidden piece of food in Melee that’s been known about for quite some time. In the Onett stage you can find a hidden rice ball behind a flower bed outside the drug store, you can see it in the video below.

While this information won’t set the world on fire it’s intriguing to think that many of our favorite games may still hold secrets for years to come.

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1+ y ago

What an ex-strawberry discovery after so long. Why is that random tiny fruit there?