Just Dance 2023 uses a brand-new engine, multiple gameplay vids released

Just makes you want to dance, doesn't it?

11 September 2022
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While the core gameplay in Just Dance 2023 might be quite similar to previous installments, there are a lot of changes, additions, and tweaks being made for the surrounding experience. That even goes as far as the game engine, which has been completely overhauled for this year’s installment.

In an interview with Nintendoduo, Matthiew Tomkinson, creative director of Just Dance, spoke about the work that’s gone into Just Dance 2023. This year’s release uses a brand-new graphics engine to achieve that signature Just Dance style, and the work done here will support the franchise for years to come.

We had to rebuild everything from scratch using a new graphics engine, and make sure that everything we built could be updated over the years . We used to update the game once a year, because they came out so often. Now we’re going to release new features, new improvements throughout the year and for quite some time to come, along with other new content.

[Matthiew Tomkinson, creative director of Just Dance]

Want a better look at that new graphics engine, or just want to see more of Just Dance 2023 in general? Ubisoft has released a bounty of gameplay clips from this year’s installment, and you can find them below.

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