YouTube’s Play Button is one way of knowing your YouTube Channel is getting in front of a lot of people. For those who don’t know, YouTube sends out real-life versions of their Play Button in plaque form to commemorate a Channel hitting a certain amount of subscribers. Even though he just started his Channel a few weeks back, Masahiro Sakurai already has a Play Button to call his own.

Sakurai took to Twitter to show off his Sliver Play Button, which YouTube sends out to those with Channels that have amassed over 100k subscribers. Sakurai almost instantly hit that goal, and he’s quickly coming up on the next milestone. Between Japanese and English versions of his YouTube Channel, Sakurai has reeled in over 800k subscribers!

The next YouTube milestone is the Gold Play Button, which creators get when they hit 1 million subscribers. We’re not sure if YouTube is combining subscriber numbers between Channels, but if they are, Sakurai can expect a Gold Play Button to show up any day now!

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