Grasshopper Manufacture may not be the biggest game studio out there, but they certainly have a storied history with a number of cult classics and sizable franchises under their belt. It’s clear the company is proud of their work, as they’ve just kicked off a special documentary series that aims to look back on some of the experiences they’ve created over the years.

The first episode of this docu-series is now available, and it includes a chat with none other than Suda51. It would be near impossible to talk about Grasshopper Manufacture without Suda51, as he’s no doubt been one of the studio’s biggest creators, birthing the No More Heroes franchise among many others. More importantly, Suda51 is the man who actually started Grasshopper Manufacture all the way back in 1998!

Over the decades, Grasshopper has released just shy of 30 different titles, and their lineup is littered with games you’ve either played, or at least heard of. Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, and so many others have released over the years, each one cementing Grasshopper’s place in the game industry a little bit more. If you’re not familiar with the titles Grasshopper has put our or the work they’ve done in general, today’s docu-series episode is a great place to start!

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