ARK: Survival Evolved hit the Switch back in 2018, and many were surprised to see the game pop up. ARK seemed like one of those impossible Switch ports, as the game is no technical slouch on PC. Unfortunately, while ARK was far from the worst Switch port we’ve seen, it had a number of issues and hiccups that made for a rather lackluster experience.

Surprisingly, the team behind ARK: Survival Evolved announced plans earlier this year to completely rework the Switch port. That brings us to ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition, which is slated to release on Oct. 25th, 2022. This will be a free update to ARK: Survival Evolved that includes enhancements and upgrades to bring it into line, visually and functionally, with the experience on Xbox One and PS4.

If you want a fresh look at how this rebuilt-from-the-ground-up version of ARK is coming along, the video above will do the trick. It includes a chat with Grove Street Games, the team behind the upgrade, along with some off-screen footage of the revamp in action. After watching the video, it certainly seems safe to say that this time around, ARK is going to fulfill the promises the original port made!

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