It’s been rumored for a while that a Nintendo Direct would be happening this week, and now it has been officially announced, finally putting the speculation to rest. Set to air on September 13th, 2022 at 7am PST / 10am EST, the Direct will be roughly 40-minutes long and will be “mostly” focused on Switch games launching this winter. The last traditional Direct was in February, so this has certainly been a long time coming. Be sure to tune-in tomorrow!

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12d ago

Hype at maximum levels.


12d ago

And there it is, at long last. Finally, my fingers can get a rest from pressing F5. 😜 Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

cheesus 2

12d ago

Fingers crossed for Donkey Kong and Mario Party DLC


12d ago

Hoping for some free dlc for kirby and the forgotten land, a speedrun mode, something atleast all the 3ds titles had, and it was the main reason i got it in day 1, and there was none!
A new smaller Zeldatitle would be cool (like a new 4 swords or something) would be nice and not too farfetched imo!

the schaef

12d ago


Four Swords on Switch is such a good idea, I'm angry at myself for not having thought of it earlier.


12d ago

Non-Specific Action Figure is going to make their long awaited game debut.


12d ago

Huh...turns out all we had to do was not to hang on to rumours too much and be patient.


12d ago

I have already a lot to catch up on the Switch and we get more games coming...damn I'm slow...

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11d ago

A new coalition with Nintendo and Platinum and I'm good. When they work together the results are always good =)

But yikes! A State of Play the very same day too. E3 is finally here.