PlayStation just tweeted Nintendo about tommorow's Direct

Playful ribbing or a sign of things to come?

12 September 2022
by jmaldonado 2

In a rather interesting move, the official PlayStation Twitter account just tweeted at Nintendo of America following the announcement of the next Nintendo Direct.

Now, before we whip out the tin-foil hats and evidence boards, it should be noted that PlayStation has also announced a new “State of Play” event for tomorrow as well. For those unfamiliar, State of Play is essentially PlayStation’s version of Nintendo Directs, a live-streamed presentation of new games coming to PlayStation.

This tweet could then just be a simple bit of fun from PlayStation pointing out how funny it is that they would choose the same day for these similar events. If YOU want to read into this however, well…I can’t really stop you can I?

The Nintendo Direct is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM ET while the State of Play is set for 3:00 PM PT / 11:00 PM BST so feel free to check both out and see if this is anything more than just a tweet.

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1+ y ago

Those trolls, Sony and Microsoft who held presentations back in June, when Nintendo did nada. 😉


1+ y ago

Direct is gonna destroy that ps event