As is usually the case, some titles were featured in the Japanese Nintendo Direct that didn’t get showcased during the NA/EU presentations. One of those games is Easy Come, Easy Golf, a new golf title for Switch.

This golf game is of particular note, as it’s coming from Clap Hanz. For those who don’t know, Clap Hanz is the team behind the Everybody’s Golf franchise, which was formerly known as Hot Shots Golf here in the states. In other words, this is a team that certainly knows how to make a great golf game!

Surprisingly, even though this game wasn’t shown in the North American or European Direct, it’s available right now worldwide! You can pick up Easy Come, Easy Golf for $20 right now.

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2y ago

Why wasn’t this is the direct? If it weren’t for your blog post I never would have known about it! I love Hot Shots Golf!!