Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed that Factorio is making its way to the Switch, and it’s coming quite soon. Those interested in the game can look forward to picking it up on Oct. 28th, 2022.

A malfunction causes you to crash-land on a strange planet. Build a new rocket from scratch in this management sim game. Scour the planet for materials, then build machines to refine them into various resources. Eventually, you’ll construct multiple production lines. But the planet’s creatures will attack, so keep them at bay! Join forces with other players in cooperative cross-platform multiplayer to collaborate and delegate tasks between you and your friends.

The developer of Factorio has shared a blog to detail some of the finer points on the game, including tech specs. Here’s some tidbits you might like to know.

  • all of the game’s content will be available
  • gameplay is not simplified and there are no artificial limits
  • no mod support
  • multiplayer will be available, including playing cross-platform
  • Nintendo Switch Online is required for online play, but not required for LAN games
  • save files are compatible between all platforms
  • no save transfer feature at launch, but you can transfer your saves using multiplaye
  • expect 30-60 FPS (both in TV mode and handheld mode)
  • the average player should be able to go through all of the content and launch a rocket, while staying at 60 UPS
  • don’t expect to be able to build mega-bases without UPS starting to drop, sometimes significantly

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1+ y ago

I would NEVER see that coming!

Spent hundreds of hours on PC, but as it doesn't support gamepad I can't imagine workable controls on consoles.
I'll wait for reviews or a PC update that let me try gamepad controls first.

If that works it will be a fantastic addition to the Switch library.