Cult of the Lamb has found its way into over a million homes around the world, and with that comes a pretty dedicated group of followers. There’s no doubt some of the believers out there would like to own some official Cult of the Lamb merch, which is why Devolver has cooked up a pair of tempting goodies.

Pre-orders for both a Cult of the Lamb plush doll and vinyl soundtrack open tomorrow, Sept. 14th, 2022. The plush doll is priced at $37 and measures just over 10 inches tall. As for the vinyl soundtrack, that’s a dual LP with an absolutely gorgeous sleeve, but unfortunately, we don’t have pricing just yet.

Again, pre-orders open tomorrow, specifically at 11 AM ET. There’s also some more items up for grabs, like Cult of the Lamb t-shirts and pins. You can take a look at the entire merch lineup and prepare yourself for pre-orders here.

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