Octopath Traveler hits 3 million sold worldwide

The path to sales success

13 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Octopath Traveler II was just announced earlier today via Nintendo Direct, and the reveal no doubt made plenty of people giddy with excitement. That excitement of course stems from the original Octopath Traveler, which quickly became a hit on Switch soon after launch. Today, Square Enix has shared a bit more on just how big the first outing is.

Square Enix has confirmed that Octopath Traveler has sold 3 million units worldwide as of today. That includes digital and physical shipments, as well as the releases on other platforms. Octopath Traveler first launched on Switch in 2018, followed by PC, Stadia and Xbox launches in the years following.

With Octopath Traveler II due out February 2023, that leaves the perfect amount of time for newcomers to check out the original outing. You can pick it up now on the Switch eShop for $60.

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1+ y ago

That's impressive. I could be wrong but I don't think Octopath Traveler II will sell as much. The first one was Switch exclusive for a while before going to other platforms. But I read afterwards that the sequel right from the off won't be a Switch timed exclusive. It's releasing on PlayStation and PC as well.


1+ y ago

Remember when people said it wouldn’t even break 1 million?! Proved them wrong.