It was a very, very good day for The Legend of Zelda fans. After literally years of waiting, we got a brand-new trailer for Link’s next adventure. Not only that, but we got the official name of the game as well, and the icing on the cake was the confirmation of a May 12th, 2023 release date.

While today’s trailer wasn’t a long one, it did give us some very interesting tidbits to mull over. From intricate murals packed with story details to new gameplay mechanics, there’s a lot to dig through. Plenty of armchair analysts and Zelda superfans started to analyze every tidbit right away, and that includes the gang at IGN.

While there’s plenty of speculation and hypothesizing in this video, IGN does point out a few elements in today’s trailer that you might not have caught on first glance. If you’re one who loves to find meaning in every little details, this video breakdown should tickle your fancy.

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