Slowly by surely, we’re getting more info on Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days. The game was revealed back in June, and we learned that it’ll see release in Japan on November 17th, 2022. Since then we’ve gotten a single trailer to mull over, but today brings us the second, which you can check out above.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days features a completely new, original story set in the world of Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress, and it will feature characters drafted by Cardfight!! Vanguard co-creator Akira Ito. Yu-yu Kondo (voiced by Shouta Aoi), Danji Momoyama (voiced by Yuuki Ono), Tohya Ebata (voiced by Yuuma Uchida), and more characters from Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress also appear in the story.

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