The official Xenoblade Twitter account has revealed new merchandise for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The acrylic stands you see below for each character will cost you 1,800 yen (about $12.5 USD).

Furthermore, If you decide to buy more than one, you can actually pair two characters up together in one stand like the example you see below.



  • Noah: 130mm
  • Eunie: 140mm
  • Mio: 120mm
  • Sena: 111mm
  • Lanz: 170mm
  • Taion: 134mm

All of them will release sometime in November 2022, in Japan. You can reserve yours from here. If you’re outside of Japan, then you’ll happy to know that AmiAmi is also accepting orders here.

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Just someone who spent most of his childhood playing Smash Bros with my brother, which led me to explore more games. Favorite franchises include Xenoblade and Kirby.

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