The next entry in the Shovel Knight saga is almost here! Shovel Knight Dig was recently confirmed for a Sept. 23rd, 2022 release, which is just over one week away! While Shovel Knight’s last outing was a puzzling affair, this title roguelike-platformer direction, which is at least much closer to the original Shovel Knight.

As if there weren’t enough reason to get excited about Shovel Knight Dig already, some new details on the game have been shared in an interview from GoombaStomp. According to Yacht Club Games, the story in Shovel Knight Dig is 100% canon for the Shovel Knight franchise!

It is not a direct sequel. I’ve played through the game, I know what happens at the end [laughs]. It might not be a direct sequel…but when you play the game, you will be really, really excited because it’s going to explain a lot of things. This game is 100% canon. It’ll answer a lot of questions. And you’ll get also a brand-new story out of it!

[Yacht Club Games]

Along with that, Yacht Club has confirmed that amiibo support will be a part of Shovel Knight Dig. Unfortunately, that functionality won’t be available at launch, but will come later through a free update. As to what the amiibo will unlock, that remains to be seen.

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