It Takes Two was rumored for a Switch release a few weeks back, and this week’s Nintendo Direct confirmed it by revealing the game early in the presentation. Even better, we learned shortly after that a retail release was coming our way. Unfortunately, there’s now a bit of bad news to go along with that.

According to the cover art for It Takes Two, those who pick up a physical copy will still have to download some content in order to play. More specific details are shared via Nintendo’s website, which we’ve included below verbatim.

Game requires download of at least 3.5GB. microSD card recommended (sold separately). Storage requirements may change.

Friend’s Pass requires installation of the Friend’s Pass Free Trial and applicable platform account. Online play requires a friend on the same platform. One user must own the full game in order for the co-op player to play the full game.

It’s certainly understandable that the Friend’s Pass requires a download for the player on the other end, but seeing the owner of the physical release still has to download 3.5 GB’s worth of data is a bit disappointing.

For those wondering, It Takes Two requires 9.5 GB of space if you’re going the digital route.

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1+ y ago

There are also rumours that the game’s name will be changed to ‘It Takes 3.5 Gb’


1+ y ago

Switch and its awful, expensive, limited capacity, proprietary medium strikes again.