Blind Fate: Edo No Yami on Switch bumped to Sept. 22nd, 2022

Live by the sword, die by the delay

15 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Back in late August, Blind Fate: Edo No Yami was announced for Switch, and it originally had a September 15th, 2022 release date. Unfortunately, we’ve now learned that the game has been delayed. The good news is that the delay is just a week long. You can now expect Blind Fate: Edo No Yami to land on Switch on Sept. 22nd, 2022.

In Blind Fate: Edo No Yami, players enter a dark and machine-filled Edo period as the Shogunate rules Japan, with their power and prestige rooted deep within society. Your mantra? Follow orders, obey your overlords, and kill. That was up until your sight was taken away in a deadly conflict, now nothing is what it seems.

As you re-awaken, the balance of life changes in an instant. Relying solely on your damaged sensors, learn to survive and heed the advice of your mentor - Become stronger and dive head-first through a path of rage in this insane and fantastical world of cybernetics and ancient mythology. Everything you once knew is turned upside down, as you relearn everything that made you a skilled, samurai assassin.

Will you succumb to the loss of your eyesight or will you overcome your difficulties, trust in your newfound technology, and defeat all those you meet in the crossroads during this tale of Blind Fate?

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