Team17 has announced that the big, free ‘Sports’ update for Golf With Your Friends is now live. This update includes a plethora of improvements to the existing Hockey and Dunk modes, plus more.

You can find the complete patch notes for this update below:

  • Enhancement of the existing Hockey and Dunk modes.
  • Improvements to Hockey Goal collision and floor tiles.
  • Powerup game options added to Hockey and Dunk modes.
  • Improvements to UI and Online menus to make it easier for players to reach each of the main game modes, such as new quickplay buttons for Hockey and Dunk.
  • [PC] Further Level Editor improvements, such as clearer editor icons for some Bouncy Castle features along with various bug fixes.
  • [Linux] Fixed an issue where inflatable objects throughout the Bouncy Castle course were invisible.
  • [PS4] Fixed a problem where players did not load correctly into the Bouncy Castle Course loading screen, and fixed a physics issue where the player ball would be lifted into the air at the start of a hole if they finished the previous hole stuck in the water.
  • [Console Only] ‘Official Courses’ label has been removed from the course select menu on consoles.
  • Various other Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes.

Along with that, a paid Sports cosmetics pack is also available today. This pack is priced at $2 and includes the following:

  • New Sports Themed Cosmetic Pack (5 Hats, 2 Floaties, 2 Stickers, 1 Trail).
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