Idea Factory has released a new trailer showcasing the in-depth system features for the upcoming otome visual novel, Amnesia™: Later x Crowd. Remember, the otome visual novel Amnesia: Memories, and its companion compilation Amnesia: Later x Crowd, will launch on Switch physically and digitally in North America and Europe on September 20th, 2022.

Find your true love in the new Amnesia: Later x Crowd Suits & Suitors trailer! Learn more about Later’s system features including Waka’s World and Girl’s Party, as well as Crowd’s features Love and Communication.

Amnesia: Memories takes players on a romantic adventure to find the truth behind your memory loss, with five romantic paths that branch off into 20+ endings. The companion compilation, Amnesia: Later x Crowd, brings two Amnesia games previously only released in Japan to Western audiences.

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