Fire Emblem Engage was announced just two days ago, yet Nintendo is eager to share all sorts of news about the title. I guess that makes sense, as the game launches on January 20th, 2023, which isn’t too far off! Today brings us more footage (seen above), along with details on tactical gameplay.

As you’d expect, Fire Emblem Engage sticks with the tactical gameplay you’d expect, with maps divided in squares. Move your characters around the grid, take into account their abilities, and match them up against enemies where they can do the most damage. The better the pairing, the more likely you’ll survive the battle and come out victorious.

With Fire Emblem Engage, the protagonist can awaken the power of “Emblem Warriors” from other worlds through the use of Emblem Rings. As seen in the debut trailer, this includes calling in characters from other Fire Emblem games. Doing this will raise Alear’s stats and use new abilities. Even better, when those Emblem Warriors and a unit Engage (merge), they can unleash a powerful special move.


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