Fan discovers sealed copy of Nintendo Power #1

Talk about playing with power!

15 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Usually when there’s talk of holy grails in gaming, people discuss various game releases. Titles that are hard to come by and in mint condition. Today is a little different, as a fan seems to have discovered a pristine copy of the finest videogame literature there is.

One lucky fan went digging through their old gaming goodies at their parents’ house and discovered what appears to be a sealed copy of the first issue of Nintendo Power. We’re talking about the very first issue tucked inside the special envelope it was sent out in. You can get a peek at that below.


The envelope is in pretty great shape, but it’s not perfect. That said, it’s still sealed, so the copy of Nintendo Power inside has a very good chance of being in tip-top shape. Now the lucky fan has to decide if they should leave the magazine as-is, or open up the envelope to see what sort of shape the issue is in! What would you do in this situation?

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1+ y ago

That’s cool. Certainly a collectors item.


1+ y ago

I have fond memories of that envelope. Still have my copy of issue 1, but sadly the envelope is long gone.