Monster Hunter Rise 'Flaming Espinas' gameplay footage

Whatever you do, don't stand still!

16 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Capcom opened their TGS 2022 presentation with the Title Update 2 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is set to arrive on Sept. 29th, 2022. One of the highlights of this update is the return of Flaming Espinas, which is surely going to offer hunters quite the challenge.

While we’ve already seen some footage of the Flaming Espinas, Capcom is giving TGS 2022 show-goers a chance to square off with the monster in their booth demo. You can see footage direct from that demo above.

The Flaming Espinas is an Espinas subspecies with a slightly more muted body color. The boldness of the standard Espinas remains: run-of-the-mill attacks won’t rouse Flaming Espinas from their slumber. Their breath attack contains a powerful poison, and a dense acid that deteriorates armor. Take this attack head-on, and you won’t stand a chance…

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