Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura gets a gameplay trailer

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16 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A little less than a month ago, SUCCESS Corporation announced Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura, a new entry in the Hitsuji Mura farm life simulation series, and it’s heading to Switch. The game will release physically and digitally in Japan on November 10th, 2022 for 4,180 yen. A post-launch update will add an English language option.

Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura is actually a remaster of Youkoso Hitsuji Mura Portable with new elements. We can finally see some of those new elements in action thanks to a new gameplay trailer, which we’ve shared above. If you’d like to see the specifics on the new features, read on below.

Farm Zoom-Out Display Mode Added – Taking advantage of Switch’s high-resolution display, a “Farm Zoom-Out Display Mode” which displays the farm in its original pixel size has been added, allowing players to experience a livelier farm with various small animals bustling about. Of course, the traditional magnified display is also supported. You can switch between displays using the R stick.

High-Resolution Graphics – The user interface, event scenes, and pixel art graphics have all been upgraded to high-resolution. Whereas Youkoso Hitsuji Mura Portable ran at a display size of 480×272, Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura runs at 1280×720.

More Item Slots and a Selection Cursor – Whereas Youkoso Hitsuji Mura Portable only allowed you to hold three items at once, Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura allows you to hold seven. A selection cursor has also been added, allowing free selection of items to be placed on the farm.

Item Target Marker Added – The support feature “Target Marker” has been added, allowing the player to check where an item will be placed before it is set. This can be turned ON or OFF in the settings.

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