Digital Foundry has released their latest tech analysis review, this time taking a look at Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Nintendo Switch. They refer to the game as “superb” and go over plenty of technical details such as resolution, framerate, textures, and development tactics. Make sure to give the in-depth video, with a runtime of about 20 minutes, a watch above.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches on March 25th.

[Digital Foundry]

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2+ y ago

I meant to say before and elsewhere that I hope GoNintendo will return to a scoring system for reviews. Most other sites do it, and it gets far more notice and traffic from people, not least from being included on Metacritic.

I don't think this comment will get much attention or notice here. I think this is the first big 1st party release since GoNintendo's relaunch. It's something for RMC and the other staff to consider going forward. It may be too late for this game though.

The comments system also need some work. In the old one, replies were neatly displayed under each other with an indentation to make clear it's a reply. Now the reply can sometimes be found 5 comments further making it a chore to follow everything.

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