In one of the more surprising Switch announcements in recent months, Hello Games revealed that they were hard at work on bringing No Man’s Sky to Switch. Another game dubbed an ‘impossible’ Switch port, No Man’s Sky is going to pack in every single bit of content the game has seen over the last 6 years. Plenty of people are excited about the upcoming port, including one very dedicated, young fan.

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, shared the above tweet that showed off a letter he had gotten in the mail. Despite the fact that the envelope is addressed incorrectly, the Royal Mail got the letter to Murray, although postage had to be paid to actually receive it. Murray took on the cost in order to see what the letter had inside, and he’s quite glad he did.

Tucked away in the envelope were two different letters from Adam, a huge No Man’s Sky fan that is chomping at the bit for the Switch version. You can read what Adam shared in both letters below.

Letter 1

“To Hello games ltd I love your hard work you have put into no man’s sky but my favorite update is endurance update, but can you combine every update on no man’s sky switch version. and Hellogames ltd you are the best software company. From adam”

Letter 2

“To hellogames Ltd: Can you please make no man’s sky on nintendo Switch good quality and I really love all your hard work you put into noman’ssky, and I believe that you can make no man’s sky on nintendo Switch good quality. *from adam”.

We have to say, we totally agree with Adam on this one. We’re also hopeful that No Man’s Sky on Switch turns out to be ‘good quality,’ and it certainly seems like things are shaping up that way. Adam and the rest of us will find out how things worked out when No Man’s Sky hits Switch on Oct. 7th, 2022.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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