Are you the kind of Splatfest player that fights for your beliefs no matter what, or do you like to join in with what your friends are doing? If your answer is the latter, a new feature on the SplatNet 3 service is for you!

If you fire up the SplatNet 3 service on the Switch Online mobile app, you’ll be able to see some information pertaining to your friends and their Splatfest choices. The app will display a poll that shows you what team your friends have joined, along with the teams they are planning to join if they haven’t decided just yet.

What can you do with this info? Like we mentioned above, you could join in with your friends and fight alongside them, or you could join one of the other teams to fight against them on the battlefield! Most importantly, you could use this info to berate your friends over their terrible Splatfest alliances!

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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