As we shared in the past, River City Girls 2 is going to offer quite a robust multiplayer situation. The game will allow for both online and local co-op, but WayForward has shared some clarification on just what you can/can’t do with those modes.

When it comes ton online multiplayer, you’ll be able to have one other person join you for online co-op. If you’re playing locally, you can cram together 4 players in the same room for a quartet of beat’em-up action!

Picking up where the first RCG left off, River City Girls 2 throws hot-blooded high-schoolers Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki — along with newcomers Marian and Provie — into the fight of their lives when an old foe returns to wreak havoc. But the girls (and guys) aren’t just giving up; they’re fighting back with new stat-altering accessories, new items, new weapons, and additional moves (such as Kyoko’s Cartwheel Kick and Misako’s Lightning Rider), along with brand-new abilities like guard-crush attacks and lift-off combos. Recruited foes are back to assist in battle — this time you can hold two at once! — plus you can now enlist the help of hired henchmen who pack even more of a punch!

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